When does a Joke become a Dad Joke?

When it becomes apparent! (Excuse me while I laugh out loud at myself). For Father’s Day today, I wanted to tell a little dad joke (check!) as well as honor some of the amazing and influential men in my life.

Fu – you have worn a lot of hats over the years – Chief, friend, brother, son, husband… but the greatest of these is Farter (I mean, father). (I also may be biased, but that’s beside the point). Dad, you are the greatest human I know, and you continually inspire me. You are a devoted son, father, and husband. You have stood by all of us in the good times and the bad, the easy and the hard. You have supported us in more ways than we could ever deserve. You are persistent and driven in all that you do. You have never given up on your dreams, and you encourage and inspire us to go after our own. You are courageous, brave, and fierce – you were truly called to be a fire chief and you have blessed so many lives on both sides of the line. You are diligent and hard-working; there is never task left unfinished or a mountain you have not climbed. You are wise beyond your years, and there is no one else I would rather have to help me through all the challenges in my life. You are loving and kind. You care so deeply for each and every person who enters your life – a blessing and a curse which I am thankful you have passed on to me. You are passionate about the relationships in your life, the work you do, and God. You are fearless and strong, and yet you are God-fearing and vulnerable too. You continually show us what it means to love God, to freely give, and to walk by faith. I could go on forever about just how amazing you are Dad, but I will never have all the words to truly tell you what you mean to me. So for now, this will have to do – I love you endlessly forever Daddy.

Gramps – good thing you used to be a clown because you are hands-down the goofiest guy that I know. You make the best jokes and have the best laugh. There is no one else that I would want to take selfies at the dump with or watch the Bachelorette with from 482 miles away (here’s to hoping that Luke P goes home before the final rose!! *fingers crossed*). You are the depiction of sacrificing for your family – not many people would move away from their family just to ensure they could provide for them. Whether you say I love you or not – you are one of the most loving men that I know, and you have your own way of showing it. You are hard-working, resourceful and inventive. I am fully convinced that you do not know the definition of retirement or rest. Thank you for always being my best friend, Gramps – you deserve all the candy in the world today (well, every other day too). I love you lots Gramps, see you in August.

PawPaw – you are the epitome of a devoted husband; mawmaw is very lucky to have you, and the rest of us (as in, the whole stinkin’ world) are so lucky to get to learn from your words and actions. You are always there for each of us whether it is our time of need or our time of celebration. You have the greatest listening ears – even though your ears are normal size. It is amazing the abilty we have to take a 5 seconds conversation and turn it into 50 minutes – I love that. You are a problem solver through and through – Numbers? You’ll math them; Broken? You’ll super glue it.; Sad? Mad? All the feels? You’ll talk it out and give some free advice. Thank you for being constant in each of our lives, we love you!

Uncle Jim and Vern – although you do not know one another and although you are vastly different men, there is one big reason I am addressing you both together today – you both are the greatest dads you never had to be. Some kiddos are lucky enough to have two dads, and I think my cousins are the luckiest kids in the world to have you guys in their lives. (And I am the luckiest to have you as uncles – by blood and by choice). In different ways, you both pick up and carry a torch daily that was never yours to carry – you did not have to do it, but you have never regretted that decision. I admire you both more than words can say for that. Your selfless love and kindness inspire me, and I love you both dearly.

Happy Father’s Day y’all!

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